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Rules & Regulations

The rules & regulations for jet boat river racing in New Zealand are governed by the NZ Jet Boat River Racing Association which is an affiliate of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM),  a requirement for world championship status.

World Championship events rotate between four participating countries, NZ, USA, Canada & Mexico on a yearly basis.

Check out the NZJBRRA Rules & Guideline links below. 

Race Licence

Race Licence Application Forms are below.


Unlimited Class - Traditionally the domain of  large capacity normally aspirated V8's over 454ci or with turbo or supercharger (multiply ci x 1.4), today the fastest race boats are powered by repurposed helicopter gas turbine engines.

A Class - Any normally aspirated engine less than 454 ci (multiply ci x 1.4 for blown motors) Approx top speed - 120mph

CX Class - formula class designed to provide a level playing field for drivers - Speed up around 105mph

FX Class - formula class using the popular ZZ4 & ZZ6 (350 Chev) and ensuring driving skill is paramount.  Approx top speed 92mph

Club Class - entry level utilising your existing family boat with the addition of an approved bolt in rollcage, as allowed under the regulations. Speed governed to 65mph

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